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Comprehensive airspace protection against a wide variety of airborne, remotely operated vehicles. Anti-Drone customizes threat detection and elimination based on specific needs of our clients, providing versatile and reliable solutions. Our products include a mobile system for protection in the field, and a more permanent solution for military, prisons, power plants and other high value government and private installations. We tailor every system to function with precision and power, giving our clients the best in anti-drone technology.

RG 4

Drone & Quadrocopter Portable Jammer with Directional Antennas

The device is neutralize UAVs (Drones) by suppressing their remote and built-in navigation control, while blocking the transfer of any information to the control panel
Drone detection and blocking steady-state systems


Drone detection and blocking steady-state system

Systems to protect confidential information and counter drone attacks


Modern case-holster for super-fast taking-out of weapons and handy protection build-in armored shield

Masking of a case-holster is performed as the male elegant vertical portfolio out of expensive natural leather of high quality European manufacturers. This provides a solid appearance, which does not discord with the free uniform and a strict dress code. It is a wonderful gift for the owner and appraiser of firearms.


Brings down a drone within a specific airspace by blocking operational radio frequencies, making it lose all contact with the operator. Makes no audible noise, enclosed in a rugged, weatherproof case.